Alexey Mikheev
Expert in the field of digital technologies and blockchain , founder of a closed investment club, speaker of international conferences in the digital economy niche, businessman, investor, scientist, Doctor of Economics, certified director of IoD of the British Institute of Directors, associate professor of MGIMO
Alexey Mikheev stood at the origins of blockchain popularization in Russia. Despite his young age, by 2015 he was already a successful businessman and experienced investor managing multimillion-dollar portfolios.
Alexey specialized in real estate and digital technologies which allowed him to see the revolutionary potential of the blockchain before anyone else.

As a doctor of economic sciences he saw in the new technology the possibility of an unprecedented - hundreds of times - increase in the efficiency of both a single company and an entire state. By automating trust, blockchain brings global changes, reformats entire sectors of the economy: the financial, medical, transport, and public services industries are changing before our very eyes. Realizing the importance and perspective of these changes, Alexey set himself the task of becoming their advocate, popularizing the technology and teaching others the practical skills of using it. As an associate professor at the Department of Public Administration at MGIMO, he was well aware of how blockchain could contribute to the prosperity of our country, and was actively involved in political and social activities to create the necessary infrastructure and regulatory framework.

Today Alexey continues to actively promote Blockchain . Over the past couple of years he has organized and conducted more than a dozen of Russian and international thematic conferences. He wrote an instant bestseller and three times reprinted book "Blockchain. How it works and what awaits us tomorrow” and created an online course “Digital Investor” which helped to get investments for many promising start-ups in the niche of the IT industry, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. “Thanks to blockchain, I saw that I can help people become more free, wealthy, efficient and ultimately unleash their creativity to fulfil their personal missions on earth.

For this I have been living ever since. " How and why blockchain technology has captured the minds of millions in just a few years, caused a real cryptocurrency boom in the market and attracted multi-billion dollar investments in the new industry.

This is the first original Russian book on blockchain which highlights the pure Russian specifics in this sector of the economy.

In the book you will find a detailed history on the emergence and spread of blockchain, as well as an analysis of blockchain usage in the financial, public sector and other key industries The leading global and Russian blockchain start-ups are considered including ICO practice.

Separate chapters are devoted to issues of government regulation and the prospects for blockchain technologies

copies of the book sold
+ years
successfully runs a consulting business
expertise in the blockchain niche
investors in a closed club
Best Book by Version A of the Bitcoin Russia Association

How and why blockchain technology has captured the minds of millions in just a few years, caused a real cryptocurrency boom in the market and attracted multi-billion dollar investments in the new industry.

This is the first original Russian book on the blockchain, telling about the purely Russian specifics of the work of this sector of the economy.

In the book, you will find a detailed history of the emergence and spread of blockchain. An analysis of the use of blockchain in the financial industry, the public sector and other industries is given. The leading global and Russian blockchain startups are considered . ICO practice is being studied. Separate chapters are devoted to issues of government regulation and the prospects for blockchain technologies.

This book is now available in English.
International Blockchain Conferences
Blockchain Conferences
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Belarus, Minsk
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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Alexey Mikheev
Closed Investment Impact Club
Founder, Head
Investments in IT industry projects, blockchain and cryptocurrencies on a competitive basis
Consulting company "Mikheev Consulting"
Founder, Managing Partner
Increasing business efficiency by 4 times due to the implementation of Agile and SCRAM technologies, digital technologies and blockchain
Alexey Mikheev
How will we live in the future?»
Interview to Svetlana Tolkacheva about technology blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence
Forbes articles
Digital reality. How bitcoin became a part of our lives and an investment asset
Invest or not? Why state-owned companies do not fulfill the plan for dividends
Articles in various publications
The Impact of Information Technology on the GDP Growth Rate of Developing Countries (Scientific research)
Digital Transformation of Social Institutions (Scientific research)
Influence of coronavirus crisis on food industry economy (Scientific research)
Is there a future for the legal profession? (Scientific research)
Regulation of the use of cryptotechnologies – anti-fraud aspect
ICO – new economic and legal forms of securitization based on blockchain technology
Prospects for the use of blockchain technology in state and municipal administration
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Blockchain in the Internet of Things.
Power and public-private partnership in the focus of Russian privatization practices
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Western sanctions require adjustment of plans for the disposal of Russian state property
Why does Estonia need "electronic residents"?
State property management strategy: it is time for the public sector to develop "deep", not "broad".
Long-term development programs for companies with state participation.
Criteria for determining the method of privatization of state property.
scientific works
articles about blockchain
Associate Professor, MGIMO University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
Department of Public Administration
  • Organization theory
  • Community project management
  • Crisis management
Expert of the online school DigFin School
The course "Digital INVESTOR"
  • Techniques and tactics of digital markets
  • Self-earning skill in the digital asset market
Executive Secretary of the Expert Council for the Management of the Knowledge Economy under the Education and Science Committee of the State Duma, Russian Federation
  • Conducts an examination of the developed draft laws in the field of education and science, digital technologies and blockchain
  • Participates in the development of draft laws, forms proposals for improving the legislation of the Russian Federation
Chairman of the non-profit partnership "Center for the Development of Innovative Business and Entrepreneurship"
  • Support for companies in the field of the Internet industry, including in the field of blockchain technologies
Member of the Association of Independent Directors
  • Professional community of directors and top managers who use the best corporate governance practices for sustainable development of business and society
A guide to the world of investment in crypto-assets and blockchain companies
How to get 10x in a year and avoid losses

Modern cryptocurrency markets provide an opportunity to receive returns of hundreds of percent per annum, but they also have significant risk. It is important to understand not only when to invest in a project, but also when to exit the project.

Speaker at conferences and educational events
From small groups of 10-15 people to thousands of audiences

I act as an expert and speaker at conferences, conduct webinars and master classes on blockchain technologies. I organize and moderate both Russian and international conferences.

Organizer of investment meetups in the field of blockchain and modern computer development
Attracting investment in your IT projects

He created a closed investment impact club, which, on a competitive basis provides support to the most promising IT projects in the angel investment format.

Consulting: Consulting: Business systematization and implementation of management and control systems
Increasing efficiency by 4 times due to technologies such as Agile, SCRAM and blockchain

The portfolio includes more than 110 successful cases, including both small businesses and such giants as PJSC Gazprom. Production companies, service companies, equipment suppliers of IT - startups. This is especially true for IT companies, which often lack management skills.

Blockchain opens up new opportunities and meanings

Blockchain is needed where the complexity of society has reached the level of ecosystems, and new management methods are required.

The essence of management is decision making and control over its implementation. Blockchain technology automates trust and removes the task of control, which reduces control to modelling. This ensures the deepest integration of resources, industries, knowledge and increases the economic efficiency of production by hundreds or more times.

Blockchain , as a mechanism for automating trust, breaks modern concepts, forcing enterprises to become open and available for mutual use .

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